Enhancing Treatments

Also known as Micro pigmentation, this procedure involves the placement of pigment just beneath the epidermal layer in the skin. Permanent Make-up Artistry is customized for each individual to enhance and accentuate the eyebrows, eyes and lips for a natural and elegant look. Aided with a topical antithetic to maintain your comfort this procedure takes approximately 90 minutes to complete depending on the surface size and detail that’s involved.

Permanent Eyebrows

90 minutes


Throw away your eyebrow pencils! Margaret will design perfectly shaped eyebrows for you! You can go swimming, golf and go to the gym without your eyebrows ‘rubbing off’ every again. First, your eyebrows will be designed with pencils so you can visualize the shape. Then, Margaret will apply the permament colour by micropigmenting the newly designed eyebrows. Your design will be customized without the use of stencils. 

Soft Permanent Eyeliner

90 minutes


You will be pleased with how much easier your life will be waking up with your eyeliner! No more smears of smudges only a perfect line! The line will be close to your eyelashes with tapered ends for that delicate finish. You can shoose the width, colour and impact of the eyeliner.

Permanent Lip liner

90 minutes


The lip liner procedure will bring fullness and shape to your pale lips. Margaret will pre-draw your desired lip shape, then customize your favourite lip colour. Lip liner is the perfect solution to reshape uneven lips and adding fullness.

Permanent Touch-up

60 minutes


Permament makeup is long lasting however, it will slowly fade over time (2-5 years). As you become accustomed to your makeup it is not uncommon to want more. To keep it looking it’s best, you should refresh it every couple of years. The darker the colour, such as black, the longer it will last. Natural colours are more vulnerable to the effects of sun, swimming and breakdown by the body.

Full Set - Eyelash Extensions

90 minutes


Full Set-Eyelash Extensions

The luxurious natural look of Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is achieved by a meticulous and artful application of synthetic lashes, all applied one by one to your natural lash by a certified Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist.

Eyelash Extension Fill

60 minutes


Eyelash extensions are an enhancement designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes; giving an instant “lift” and allure to your eyes! Eyelash Extension touch-up every 2 weeks.

Eyelash Extension Removal

20 minutes


Customized Make-Up Lesson or Consultation

60 minutes


A make-up lesson is an interactive session during which we teach you correct techniques, tricks and camouflage in proper make-up application.

Make-Up Application

professional-makeup-application-oshawa 60 minutes


A full make-up application using the luxury cosmetic mineral make-up line, Mirabella Beauty.

Ear Piercing

30 minutes

Starting from $30


Inverness knows ear piercing! We pride ourselves with having more than thirty years of experience and the safest system available on the market today.

Featuring ultra thin piercing earring posts, with the largest fashion assortment of piercing earrings, the safest metals, a hand pressured Class 1 Medical Device providing a gentle piercing.

FREE ear piercing with the purchase of any of Inverness’ collection of earrings starting from $25 and up.